Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Old Town Art Trail - how's it doing?

We negotiated with businesses, mainly those who had taken part last year, to have a piece of art work  to advertise Swindon Open Studios. Ideally from our point of view, this would be visible from the road or pavement, but this isn't always possible.
Looking at the brochure, it lists 15 businesses who are taking part, and asks the reader to look out for artworks on view from the middle of August. We'd previously contacted artists who had ticked on their Registration Form to say they'd like to do this, given businesses 30 brochures, a triangular sign on card that would stand in the window beside the work explaining it was to advertise SOS.
When three of the committee, Rachel, Jane and myself to document the progress, we were very pleased to discover things are mainly in place, and hope you've noticed the art in windows. Lots of open studios groups do this, we started it in 2013 with David Bent's work being placed in Richard Deacon's window.
As we went round, I Tweeted the photos that appear below, I didn't realise that the default setting is www.twitter@kasmaty on my phone, not
so was gaily Tweeting from my own account rather than SOS.
Anyway, here's the outing documented in photographs:
 Above, Vieve Forward's 'She Threw herself at Him' beautifully displayed in the Wheatsheaf Pub on Newport Street. Philip Robinson's work was also supposed to be in there, but wasn't.
 Next to Minuteman Press, who do all our printing so efficiently and helpfully, where we saw a lovely display of Carmen B Norris' work.
From there we went to the Co-op where Jane thought she might have left 2 paintings, fortunately she had done so, and was able to recover them.
And from there onto Wilson's where Anthea Hilson had a piece of her work displayed inside the shop.
 Not a very good photo of Anthea's work, sorry.
 We then nipped across the road to GlamoRose where Jane was going to have a newly painted cupcake in the window, unfortunately this wasn't possible, and a substitute was allowed.
 Below you can see Jane placing the painting in the window alongside a great window display
 From there onto:
 Where Caroline Day has a bandstand picture
 And here's Rachel Pryor's lovely painting with too much reflection at Charles Lucas Marshall, solicitors.
 And onto Miller and Holland where there was not art work in the window, and here's Jane talking to Chris Holland about it.
 Apparently John Maskalaniec had handed his piece in, and it was put into the window. When I spoke to Franc Murphy, the other artist who had asked to join the scheme, he had no recollection of ticking the box, and since I had missed a 'p' out of his email address, he hadn't received the email telling him where to go with his painting.
Good news is that Franc Murphy has now put his lovely 'Woman in Blue' in the window of Miller and Holland:
 Next we passed 'Run Swindon' where we saw Mollie Gratland's work looking superb.
 From there onto Balula's where David Robinson, our brochure cover artist had a window all to himself to display his work. It looked really good.

 And onto Deacon's jewellers where Alex Coppock-Bunce had three pieces of work in the window!
 From there we crossed to Magnum where I thought Ruth Wintle's deckchairs looked really good blowing in the breeze.
 And on to 1801 where Bev Greig will have an exhibition for the whole of September, but there won't be any advertising of open studios beforehand. It was with relief that we went into Baila's for coffee and cakes and saw Lynette Thomas' mosaics looking very good.
Next was The Core where we'd thought we'd see Joe Wright's piece, but by now it was very busy with lunch time trade, so we thought we'd ask Joe about it.
I knew Tony Knowles didn't have Margaret Sadler's work in his window because she'd emailed to say she couldn't deliver it this week. Tony has agreed to have one of Tim Carroll's 100 Views of Swindon in the window, photo when he's put it in the window, and here it is:
Very apt I think because that building is also on Devizes Road.

This initiative is really helping to spread the word about Swindon Open Studios, and certainly is a good advertisement for artists taking part.

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