Friday, 14 August 2015

Welcoming People to Swindon Open Studios

This year we've tried to address a couple of issues identified over the years. Firstly that we don't advertise enough in the local media, with four large articles in the Swindon Advertiser, and more to come, I'm pleased with efforts we've made there. It was largely down to Liz Mackley at the Adver who got things moving for us, and of course the very talented people who are taking part in SOS.
The previous blog posts give you links to the articles, the first was a general one, then one featuring David Robinson who's exhibiting from his studio in Well Street, and whose work is featured on the brochure cover. He and Mark Worrall will be open on September 5th, 6th & 12th September from 11am-5pm
 Next article was about Christopher Delni-Offord who will be exhibiting from his studio at 25, Middleleaze Drive, SN5 5GL. Next there was a feature on Joe Wright who will be at The Core during the day until 4pm both weekends.
Another of issues was signage, with black and white arrows and small signs really not doing the job of enticing people in, and signalling where the open studios are situated. It was Rachel Pryor who set the bar very high when she advertised her open studio in Wichelstowe in 2013. This is the side of her house:
And the front:
No mistaking the fact something is happening and everyone is welcome to look round.
With this in mind, we decided to ask Minuteman Press who we use for all our printing needs to give us some ideas.
We have had 40 laminated A3 signs like this
to go outside every venue, and there will also be a banner somewhere around the town, hopefully at the junction of Newport St and Marlborough Road:
Both designed for use every year because they aren't date specific.
I'm hoping there will be lots of other signage enticing people in, as well as bunting. Bunting really advertises the fact that something is happening doesn't it? Anyone good at making metres of bunting out there?

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