Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Alex Coppock-Bunce opened the First Weekend

Vanetta visited Alex during this first weekend and observed Alex is inspired by mysticism and spirituality. She uses a diversity of media within these parameters. Vanetta bought these 3 collages, reminiscent of the beach:
Alex also had a great piece in the Swindon Advertiser:
and then another:
Alex has kindly sent me a few photos which I'll add she also says this:

' I sold about 8 paintings and a mosaic- so some of these have gone! I also left the largest painting behind as a thank you for Richard Deacon.
And I’m still eating the cake '
I now have lots of photos from Alex:
 Above and below, lots of drawings and prints

 What a lovely pair above and below glorious colours and reflections
 Below a section of wall somewhere
 And the delicious looking cake
Other photos include the outside of the house with its laminated SOS sign in the window:
 the studio:
 and another one from the living room
 Not sure where this was taken
 This is from above
 Thank you Alex, we now have lots of photos.


  1. You're welcome! The unknown location was Deacon's window in Wood Street. I left the largest painting as a "thank-you" for Richard Deacon for giving me the space.

    Thanks to all of the Swindon Open Studios team there are now some spaces which I can begin to fill up again with new paintings!

  2. Thank you, of course, recognise it now!!. I'm so pleased you had such a great experience of open studios. It's been so good this year.