Friday, 18 September 2015

Deb Battaglia's Studio Visit

This was my final visit of the day, and having persuaded Deb to take part this year, I was keen to see how she was getting on. She wasn't in the Swindon Advertiser beforehand because she hadn't written a piece on herself, and she lives in Kingsdown, although near to Stanton, a distance from other studios. I needn't have worried, there were lots of people there, enjoying cake and tea, the garden and of course Deb's paintings which were in the conservatory she uses as a studio, as well as in the house.
 Again the laminated sign had been put to very good use, it was clear to everyone where SOS was taking place in Kingsdown Road, and how to get in. I love the Catalpa tree, and tried rather unsuccessfully to photograph it:
 I was amazed to see how productive Deb had been, she had masses of watercolours and oils of flowers and some landscapes. The richness of the colours was amazing, and they appeared to be flying off the walls. The one at below sold while I was there:
 And here's Paul Jack discussing a painting of white tulips with Deb
 I walked down the garden, admired the wildness, and went back into the house not realising that there was more to see in the living room. Deb has produced a series of oil paintings inspired by her daughter's travels, seen below:
 They are really stunning

 There's also this fishy one I liked:

 But my favourite was this one which I bought:
I love it, can't wait to frame it and hang it up.

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