Friday, 18 September 2015

Every Cloud Arts and Crafts at Stanton Farmhouse

I realise now that I'd chosen a bit of a trek for my open studios visits last Saturday, but it was well worth it. Stanton Farmhouse on the Stanton estate is owned by Swindon Borough Council; if you haven't yet visited this superb parkland between Kingsdown and Highworth, make an effort to do so soon, it's a stunning place to walk.
I was there to visit the eleven artists and makers comprising Every Cloud who were exhibiting in the farmhouse. When I visited last year, there was a lovely display and cafe, but not very many visitors, this year it was buzzing with activity, maybe because of the Swindon Advertiser articles, if you click there you can see one of them.
Here's the gorgous farmhouse from the outside:
 A lovely sculpture in the garden:
 To the left of the front door there's a living room which was beautifully decorated with all sorts of creations, all beautifully labelled:
 Below to the left of the window
 and in the window:
 In the fireplace a collage with reflections coming off so you can't really see it
 On the wall to the left of the fireplace opposite the window, I saw a felted colourful piece:
 To the left again
 Close ups of another part of wall
 And into the room to the right of the front door where teas and cakes were being served
I had a cup of tea, but no cake, although it looked gorgeous. By now it was decision time, the felted cushion seen below, or the colourful felted piece?
 I was talking to Jill, photographed here about my dilemma, she said she'd made both, and was pleased that I liked them
 Below some cards and other gifts
So how did I choose? The cushion is lovely, but the framed felted colourful piece is extraordinary, so I bought that:
If you'd like to see more of their work, there are three fairs before Christmas:

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