Sunday, 20 September 2015

Franc Murphy

Franc was visited by Vanetta who said:
'My last visit of the day was to Franc Murphy, whose splendid canvasses and portraits show a mastery of technique, and in-depth knowledge of colour. Franc is also a sculptor, experimenting with new techniques, and some of his work was displayed alongside figures from Pat Elmore. Reciprocally, some of his work could be seen at her studio in Longcot.
Below a photo of Franc in his studio:
and one of his abstract works, also rather cleverly caught in the mirror.
Franc also took part in the Old Town Art Trail, and had this lovely painting in Miller and Holland:
It wasn't for sale, although much coveted by several visitors. We're suggesting to Franc that he gets some postcards made of his paintings for next years SOS

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