Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hanging Exhibitions at the Central Library and Windows in Theatre Square

On Wednesday evening, the open studios committee collected in paintings from 7 out of the 9 artists exhibiting over the 2 weekends in the Central Library, and from those artists who were kind enough to allow us to hang their work in what I advertised as the Window Gallery, but which was the Community Window and half of the Window Gallery which hadn't been smashed.
Both exhibitions will remain on display until Sunday 27 September, and before the second weekend will advertise  artists taking part in Swindon Open Studios, and after that advertise the fact that open studios took place.
We collected paintings between 5.30-6.30pm, and then proceeded to unwrap and then hang the work in the Corridor Gallery facing the open space beside the Central Library behind the cafe:

Above carefully wrapped parcels, below uwrapped paintings lined up along the wall so we could decide how to hang them
And an hour or so later, we'd hung the paintings, grouped according to artist, I was pleased with the result, photos from the library end
 and the other end.
 Below three pieces by Carmen B Norris
 and Val Gibbons
 and Margaret Sadler
 and Suzie Simmons
 and Bee Operanto
 Philip Robinson
and first ones into the corridor by Carole Humphreys:
I'm pleased with the results, well worth a trip to the Central Library next weekend if possible to meet the artists featured here and also two other artists not featured above:Rachel Coyle whose fused glass pieces don't hang well on the wall, and Gavin Salisbury whose mixed media explorations of the mundane, surreal and otherworldly where nothing is as it seems, and can't be hung.
From the library, we walked across to the Community Gallery, next to the Number Nine Gallery, opposite Artsite and hung these pictures:
 making the Community Window look like this:
Artists starting from the left along the top row: John Maskalaniec, Carole Humphreys, Terry Humphries, Marilyn Trew, second row from left: Caroline Day, Naomi Cantillon, Ken White, Lynne Forrester, Mark Worrall, third row- Mollie Gratland, Tim Carroll, Jane Milner-Barry, Rachel Pryor and Suzie Simmons.
Luckily we were also able to use half of the Window Gallery that remained intact, because we couldn't have fitted any more in the Community Gallery:
 Again starting top left, are paintings by Ruth Wintle, Philip Robinson, Nadine Gould, Sophie Corrigan, then Caroline Day, Pei Lim, Margaret Sadler, Carmen B Norris, Anthea Hilson and David Robinson.
Labels and contact details were added the following day.
If you want to buy any of the paintings on display, instructions in the framed information sheets should make it possible to do so.
And please go along and have a look at the pictures, and meet the artists on the 12th and 13th of September.

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