Thursday, 17 September 2015

My first Visit was to Maggie Harris

On Saturday 12th September, instead of opening in St.Margaret's Road, the four members of the committee visited other people's studios, took photographs and chatted about how the event was progressing. I decided to visit Maggie Harris first because she has the most north westerly studio.
I arrived just ahead of two visitors from Highworth, chatted to Maggie and had a look round at her work. Maggie does quite a lot of drawing with a sewing machine which I really like, this stork was in my house for a while, after being exhibited in the Window Gallery at Artsite; on seeing it again, and I was very tempted to buy it:
 This other still life drawn with a sewing machine was also lovely
 Then Julia and Mary, having parked their car, came into Maggie's house and began chatting about her work. Here's a photo of Mary and Julia taken into the light, so not ideal, but you can see that Mary has spotted something she likes because she's pointing a finger
 Here it is on the wall, it's the cat which was in the brochure photograph, and I want it!!
 Here's a close up so you can see just how lovely it is.
We settled the problem by Mary taking that cat, and Maggie agreeing to make me another similar one.
There were lots of other lovely things to choose from, for example, the colours in this piece are fabulous:
 And these views were lovely
 But I'm looking forward to hearing my cat is ready for collection.

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