Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Susan Carr and Terry Humphries in the Town Gardens

The Old Town Gardens are a lovely spot for setting up a gazebo gallery to display paintings, especially those done outside on the spot so they are imbued with that extra zest. The gallery is called 'Gallery Plein Air'  because Susan Carr and Terry Humphries paint outdoors . Three sets of photos were taken and appear below. The first photos are Tim's

And here are Vanetta's photos:

And here's a lovely photo of Jane:
And then Jane took some photos! So here are the third lot of photos:

And this is what Jane said:
'Terry Humphries and Susan Carr showed their work in the Town Gardens.  Their paintings were seen at their best in the soft light inside the famous Gazebo. Terry also persuaded the Authorities to lend him three portable metal barriers which are stored in a yard adjoining the park and which made an excellent display stand.  The weather was kind on the whole but here are Terry and Susan trying to protect the paintings from a passing shower.' 

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