Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Vibrant Exhibition at the Beehive

Last years open studios exhibition at the Beehive coincided with the reopening of the newly refurbished pub, and was very exciting with the new wooden clad 'exhibition wall' . This year Lynette Thomas and Sophie Corrigan have put up another glorious, not to be missed exhibition. Do go and have a look at it in the Beehive, anytime from 11am onwards.
Taking photos in the pub is difficult because of light coming in through the windows, but it gives you an idea of what you might see:
 Above the wall to the left of the window, mosaics are Lynette's and fabric collages made by Sophie, and now the right hand side of the curtains:
Detail of the mosaic bottom left of the above photo:
 and just below the stained glass bee
 and below that a fabulous piece by Sophie:
 I'll check tomorrow evening at the First Monday of the month what the writing on the guitar says
 Rather a lovely mosaic of the Magic Roundabout:
 Here's a better photo of the wall showing the position of some of the pieces photographed
The exhibition will remain in the Beehive for the whole of September.

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