Friday, 11 September 2015

This Sunday 13th September - Tim Carroll's Open Studio

This is the second and final weekend of Swindon Open Studios 2015, and as organisers, myself, Jane Milner-Barry, Rachel Pryor and Vanetta Joffe are visiting other studios to see what's happening there and document it.
I took photos of 'my' open studios and Jane's last weekend, so will put them here to advertise our event on Sunday, and make way for the rest of the photographs next week from other places.
So what will you see at Tim's open studio?
Firstly I've made signs to help visitors find their way around the house, I haven't included them all here, this is the kitchen worktop in rather a dark photo of Tim's ceramics:
 One of his projects recently has been the 100 views, those completed so far are displayed in the front room
 As seen here:
 and here in the bay window
 I particularly like this one of the Lawns
 and the new development at Regent Circus is a real winner
 And if you fancy a momento of the visit, there are high quality postcards of many works
 Tim will be available for a chat, here he is talking to Liam Shortridge in his studio
 and it's a generally very sociable event with drinks and cakes available

 I missed photographing Fred Blunt when he was in the house
 Lovely photograph of Dubs
 Hope to see lots of people on Sunday, and if the sun is shining, of course there's the garden to loll around in.

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