Tuesday, 20 October 2015

An Overnight Stay in Weston Super Mare

Having visited Weston Super Mare recently in an attempt to visit Dismaland, and written about it on 26 September, I thought I'd like to make a return visit, and stay overnight and explore the area. I loved the area around Birnbeck Pier, so thought Claremont Cresecnt would be the ideal place to stay, I was hoping to see a magnificent sunset and some more of the blue skies experienced on the last visit. quite a tall order for the 11/12 October. Some brief research revealed there were 2 hotels in Claremont Crescent, The Anchor Head and Dauncey's, both with excellent views if you had a room facing the sea, although possibly half the rooms don't face the sea. I decided to book Dauncey's Hotel, and rang up to reserve a room with a view of the sea hoping to be able to see the sunset on Sunday evening, and glorious sunshine on Monday morning.
On arrival, we went for a walk to the north of Weston, through the wooded Worlebury Hill and through Kewstoke, and found the wonderful Monk's Steps linking the two areas
 There is are a lot of Umbellifers flowering at the  moment, here's a lovely example of one:
 Below there's a view of the steps from below
 We were hoping to reach Woodspring Priory and the coast to the north of there, but walked along the aptly named Sand Bay to its most northerly point and came back again. You can see from the view of Birnbeck Pier that the day wasn't sunny, although there is a slight break in the cloud
 Arriving back around 5.30pm, and after a few hiccups, we sat down in our room with a view of the sea and Steepholm in the distance:
Still a bit dull, but I thought if I sat beside the window, I'd get a view of the sun going down maybe, I looked up every so often, and suddenly saw the sun going down behind Steepholm
 And below almost disappeared:
 As the sun disappeared, the sunset just got better and better and for about half an hour, the sea and sky were red:

 I've added lots of photos because I don't want to leave any out, they show the amazing development of the sunset.

 Until there was a gradual diminishing of the colour:
 And it was almost over
The sky remained a bit pink for a while, and I'd experienced the most amazing sunset after a very unpromising start.
The next day dawned bright and sunny, with marvellous blue skies, almost as if they'd been ordered. Here's the view of Birnbeck pier from the balcony of the hotel
 This is one of the nearby buildings at Knightstone silhouetted against the blue sky
 and another:
 I love the walkway beside the mariner lake, it really does look as though people are walking on water.
 It was decided that  we'd walk south on Monday, and ended up on Uphill Hill at St.Nicholas Church, the Old Church of St Nicholas at Uphill, Somerset, England, dates from around 1080, and was built on the site of previous places of worship. It stands on a cliff top overlooking Brean Down and the mouth of the River Axe with great views for miles around.
 A tower near the church has signboards around the top of it like the one below so you can identify features in the distance
What a fab couple of days, I'm hoping to visit again.

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