Sunday, 4 October 2015

PaRa's Autumn Tidy Up

Several of us met this afternoon to weed and trim back four of our beds in the Old Town area, although it was a low key event this time, it had been advertised in the summer newsletter and mentioned on our Facebook page.
It was a glorious afternoon and a very relaxed event; have a look at the results when you're passing any of the sites. I'll include some photos mostly of the results.
We were fortunate that Susanne encouraged her husband Trevor to strim the grass in the Decaux hoarding bed opposite Rose Earle's newsagents shop, so when it had been weeded and the soil scraped, it looked lovely:
Judith, Susanne and Frankie weeded the beds by the Co-op:
 The one above is behind the bus stop, and has a wonderfully vigorous Persicaria growing in there, and below the little bed by the bench with some Petunias still going strong.
The bed by Mr Cod was weeded, and the hedge trimmed and looked amazingly lovely despite the fact that earlier on in the week, we thought we were going to have to abandon the tidying when a shed and its contents were fly tipped on there.
 It looks so lovely there, the soil seems very good despite the unwanted additions to the soil.
 Above a lovely photo of the happy gardeners- from the left Adrian, Jane, Andrea and Margaret, and below Adrian, Andrea, Margaret and Kareen
And so to the fourth bed, by the Marriott roundabout where Neil, Nadine, Carole and later Susanne and Frankie worked on weeding and digging around the edges. There are some huge marigolds I planted in the early summer, must save the seeds they are glorious:
 There was also some weeding done around the road sign
 And here's the bed when we had finished
And here are the workers on the Marriott roundabout bed:
Thank you to all those who helped, it was a fabulous afternoon's work.
We have plants bought form Twigs and Rose Earle to add to the beds, but decided against planting them until it has rained, probably Friday afternoon.
More photos to follow.

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