Friday, 9 October 2015

We Put the Plants in Today

Last Sunday when we weeded and trimmed plants into shape in our Pipers Area Residents Association community gardening autumn tidy up, it wasn't possible to plant our 36 perennials from Twigs, or the Violas from Rose Earle's glorious selection because the soil was too dry. This week we were very lucky to have lots of rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so the soil was perfectly moist for planting up the four areas we look after.
I loaded the car with the plants, divided up according to area:

 We started off at the Co-op bed behind the bus shelter on Newport Street, not the easiest spot to reach, but it's looking good with a fabulous Persicaria plant and some lovely Echinacea:
 Below looking from the other end of the bed:
 Also by the Co-op car park, we have planted up the little bed which is doing remarkably well considering ti has very little depth of soil there
 From the Co-op we went to our second and best tended bed, the Decaux bed opposite Earle's newsagents
 Jane and Judith planted lots of perennials and violas
 Looking towards Earle's, and below looking the other way
 Rudbeckias seen below are fabulous
The sunflowers are looking lovely in this bed as well.
From there to bed number 3, the bed beside Mr Cod where we were spotted by Daniel Webb who took lots of photographs and conducted a couple of interviews before going back to Baila over the road

 Below a nice photo of Judith and Jane

 A close up of some violas and an Aster
 And a general view of Mr Cod
 And on to our 4th bed near the Marriott roundabout where there are some Marigolds over a metre tall with different shaped and coloured flowers

 I have a photo of the bed as well
 Great afternoon's planting, we were lucky with the weather.

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