Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumn Colours at Batsford Arboretum

Last Thursday I went to Batsford Arboretum to look at the autumn colour, have lunch and catch up with my friend, Sue. We wandered around the suggested trail, sniffed the sweet burnt sugar smell of  Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Katsura tree), marveled at the Acers whose leaf colours ranged from green through deep yellow to orange and red, and leaf shapes from standard maple leaf to highly dissected leaves.
Here's a selection of the Acers:
 Two red ones with contrasting green leaves around:
 Here's a yellow leaved one with a red one in the background

 I think this is my favourite photo taken at Batsford, this Acer is a lighter colour and looks so good against the other colours.
 I also loved the Sorbus psudohupehensis ('Pink Pagoda') with its mass of pink fruits, I remember this tree from the spring when it had the most glorious flowers:
The colours were better in real life, but not as good as they could have been because there was drizzle the whole time we were there, so considering the weather, the colours look pretty good.
Afterwards we went to the cafe where we both ate heartily before moving the the garden centre where Sue bought me a Saxifrage Blackberry and Apple Pie to add to Black Ruby and Wada saxifrages.

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