Monday, 2 November 2015

First day of November a Walk up Ladder Lane

Sometimes when friends stay, it's nice after a big day out, it's good to spend the next day eating a large cooked breakfast and reading the paper, however yesterday the weather was so glorious, a walk was definitely the best way to enjoy the warm sunshine.
Ladder Lane takes you from the M4 to the top of Wroughton and into another world, it's surrounded by a lovely old woodland:

 The greens and browns were lovely in the sunlight
 As I looked back, I saw the tunnel effect often seen around woodland paths
 In order to make it a circular walk, we turned left onto the Barbury Castle road, and then left towards Chiseldon, and saw the house at Burderop park really clearly. Has it been hidden behind bushes before? I don't remember seeing it this clearly.
 We turned left down to Hodson, past the Calley Arms
 Saw some trees to rival any arboretum,
 and the gorgeous cottages at the base of the hill
 Past Coate Water, and back home
Absolutely glorious

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