Monday, 16 November 2015

Setting up in the Crypt Gallery in St.Ives

Peter Davies invited three other artists to take part in a week long exhibition in the Crypt Gallery below the Mariners Chapel to coincide with the first week of celebrating 40 years of Camberwell Painting, students and teachers exhibition.
Here's the poster John Watson, Chairman, St.Ives Society of Artists, kindly produced for us:
And here's the space before the work was hung:
Most of Saturday was spent hanging the exhibition ready for the opening in the evening, the weather was glorious with bright sunshine and the bluest skies. I used the excuse of letting the artists sort themselves out, and not wanting to interfere to wander around at midday, venturing in now and again to check on progress
 The first wall was done fairly quickly, although Peter kept worrying that Tim's work was dominating the others.
 Tim's lovely ceramic men with hoops looked fab on the plinths, especially in silhouette

Below here's a lovely photo of Tim fixing a ceramic man to a plinth and Peter standing around, maybe even with his hands in his pockets!
 Here's the first wall completed
 after the first wall, I went in to help with fitting screws into the boards, and I'm pleased with what it looked like:
 and the back wall looks gorgeous
 The trio below are from the left, Peter Davies, Bob Osborne and Tim Carroll being photographed at the private view for the local newspaper
The efforts made to set up the exhibition effectively paid off when we had lots of people looking round the private view
I'll include a couple of photos of the sunny day below, one at Smeaton's Pier:
 and a view of the harbour from the pier.
It was glorious, there were people in shorts and sleeveless T shirts lolling about the sea front.

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