Monday, 16 November 2015

Traveling to St.Ives

I've just returned from a week in St.Ives, and wouldn't normally comment on the journey down there, except to say it took x amount of time, or there was lots of traffic. This time the journey is having its own post because the normally delightful BMW car broke down, just after I'd said how great it was to have a reliable car when it was really needed to transport paintings. Around 6 miles down the M4, it went into 'limp' mode and wouldn't go above 50mph, and had a warning light showing, I checked the garage receipt and confirmed, yes we did put petrol in it.
I've never broken down on a motorway before, despite having ancient cars, they usually alerted me before breaking down by refusing to start, and so never got that far if they were not functioning properly. Having rung the breakdown people, we were told to wait as far away from the traffic as possible, so stood in the rain for 90 minutes in drizzle until we were picked up. Below a photo of the car:
 Here's the motorway traffic, it's a dull day, this was about 11am
 After lots of negotiating, we were on our way by about 4pm in a hire car, and arrived in St.Ives at 9.45pm. I did get this fab photo on the motorway, as it was going dark, the clouds parted and gave us a bit of a sunset.
After a day spent traveling there, how was St.Ives? More photos in the next post....

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