Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Walking the Coastal Path between Zennor and St.Ives

Ideally one walks along the coastal path from St.Ives to Zennor, has lunch in the Tinners Arms and takes the bus back to St.Ives, or along the inland route, the 'Coffin path'. The last bus leaves Zennor at 2.30pm, so we took the bus to Zennor and walked back.
St Senara's, the church at Zennor is well worth a visit, inside there's a mermaid chair 
 here's the carving of a mermaid on the side of the chair
 and here's the view of the chair from the front, it's amazing to think it has been in constant use for at least five hundred years, and well worth taking a look at it
 From the church, there are signs to the coast path, and the inland route, below here's the coastal route where it reaches the sea
 and to the left, a view of Gurnard's head, it's the second head, and does look remarkably like a gurnard
 and in the next bay, we saw a pair of seals! They were showing great interest in someone who was down by the sea photographing them

there was lots of foaming sea
 quite a lot of signs of National Trust
 rocks in the sea
 exciting bridges
 and a stone circle; this one appeared to be constructed around an older standing stone, and was quite small
 and below, our first view of St.Ives, by this time, the mist had come down a bit and so it doesn't look that impressive.
We did however see a short eared owl very close to St.Ives, and so many wild flowers in bloom. If the days weren't so short, or if we had got ready more quickly, it would have been ideal to walk by the coastal path, have lunch in the pub and walk back by the inland path.

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