Sunday, 29 November 2015

Loving Lydiard

When I went to the 'engagement' event at Lydiard last Sunday, I took some photos which I thought I'd include here, along with carefully thought out comments on the proposed leasing out of Lydiard Park and house from the Friends' website and the Swindon History blog
I'm going to start with a photo of the house, it wasn't a sunny day, but there were dramatic skies:
 I also love this shot with the trees in front of the house:
Those trees are so beautiful aren't they?

The engagement event was in the cafe where there were a variety of people from SBC to talk to those attending, including Mark Pritchard who came over and talked about the reasons the council feels it can no longer manage the house and park:
There were lots of people there trying to find out more, and it was good to meet Mike Bowden from the Friends of Lydiard Park
 I took some photos of trees
 before heading off to have a look round the walled garden where the sun briefly emerged:

Please sign the petition: 
And here's the link to the Swindon History bog again:

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