Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Another Walk to Avebury in Glorious Sunshine

The days between Christmas and New Year have that eerie quality of suspended animation, especially when it's dull and drizzly outside, no one's doing much, and eating more is out of the question. This morning however was bathed in glorious sunshine and it was still mild, so I set off for Avebury once again, hoping to get some good photos of tree silhouettes on the way.
I was two hours later than last week, so there wasn't a sunrise photo, and the one over the M4 was dull, so I've left it out.
This was taken at the top of Ladder Lane, with the remains of the huge beech tree that had to be felled in the bottom left of the picture.

 I've tried to get a good photo of Barbury Castle, but it never looks as good in photos as in real life.
 It took just under three and half hours to reach Avebury, so I had time to take photos once I arrived there, the tree in the photo below is beautiful, the branches droop at the ends.
I love the blue sky, such a bright day

 I took a photo of the Red Lion, and thne took a couple more photos of the stones

 And then sat outside the Red Lion waiting for the bus.
 It really was warm enough to sit outside eating lunch.

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