Thursday, 31 December 2015

Photos of Sunrises in 2015

Unless you're a really early riser, it's unlikely that you'll see many sunrises in months other than January, February, November and December. I thought I'd search through my photos and include them with some lovely ones this month. I didn't take any in November, maybe because it was dull and wet, but there have been some amazing sunrises in December.
So here they are:
24th January above, and 10th February below
And 14th February:
 Next 23rd February
 The Festival of Literature's dawn Chorus at the beginning of May started with a good sunrise at 5.30am, here's Newport Street with the sun rising behind the Corn Exchange

and then the very start of the dawn Chorus at the top of Lawn Woods with a juggler:
There were no repeats of the early rising, so the next sunrise is on December 6th:
And 17.12.15
  And 21.12.15
 And 28.12.15
 My favourite is the very pink sunrise on the 17th of December, although I love them all for different reasons.

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