Monday, 28 December 2015

Solstice Day walk to Avebury

There's always a great buzz in Avebury when it's the Solstice, and well worth a trip there, especially on foot, arriving by the back route from the Ridgeway.
Last week's trip started really well, and I was hopeful that the rain, forecast for 11am might hold off for a bit longer. There was a lovely sunrise, still looking good when I arrived at the M4 at 8.26am:
 and even when I'd crossed the motorway and was about to approach Ladder Lane it was still looking good.
 After that, dullness prevailed, and there were no more sparkling photos to be had, although I did try a couple of photos from the Ridgeway looking down on Barbury Castle.
 It's quite hard to see unless you recognise it.
From there, the weather closed in, and by the time I reached Avebury, there were celebrations around the stones, with bagpipes playing, but everyone was dripping wet, but determined to attempt celebrations. I was a bit relieved when the bus arrived.

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