Friday, 12 February 2016

John Cooper Clarke at the Arts Centre last night

I'd missed the fact that JCC was appearing at the Arts Centre on 11 February until last week when there was a piece in the Adver. Having seen him at the Wyvern Theatre 30 years ago, and then at the Rolleston about 8 years or so ago, I really wanted to go. Fortunately after appealing on Facebook and Twitter for spare tickets, I got one yesterday morning.
And what an evening it was, there were two warm up acts before the interval, although I just wanted to see JCC, or Dr Clarke as he calls himself, Mike Garry, a Mancunian told some great tales of hard times in the streets of my youth. Here he is:
 Next came Luke Wright, with a cherubic face, the strangest hair arrangement and a riveting delivery. What are poems using only one vowel called? Is there really a name for them? Ones with an 'i' aren't too bad, but when you use a 'u' things get a bit difficult, and hilarious.

 And here's the wonderful John Cooper Clarke, what an amazing poet and story teller.
A great evening, I bought a signed copy of 'Ten years in an Open Necked Shirt' book of John's poems, and am looking forward to doing JCC poetry readings!!

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