Friday, 19 February 2016

Snowdrop Extravaganza Part 1

Last Sunday I went to look at snowdrops with a friend, we chose 3 places to visit, starting with North Cerney gardens, there had been a worry that with the mild winter, February 14th might be a bit late to see them at their best, but they were mostly in perfect condition.
 The were also fabulous Hellebores
 There's lots of sculpture around the gardens, I think this cockerel works particularly well
 We walked between the long borders to the lake and saw these fabulous cardoon type things with lovely seed heads, I'd like to grow some of them this year.
 Walking back from the lake, there's a great view of the house
And a close up of a fabulous Hellebore
 From North Cerney Garden.we visited Colesbourne Park, arguably the best place to view snowdrops, particularly named varieties. This year I was more aware of the attributes of different varieties, having bought Galanthus Viridapice, G. Hippolyta,  and G. James Backhouse at Colesbourne last year I was keen to see them growing really well because mine are still very small.
 Above G. Hippolyta which I did buy again because I like it so much, and had forgotten I'd bought it last year
 Another view of masses of snowdrops above, intermingled with Cyclamen coum below
 A close up of the Cyclamen below

There is a lovely church at Colesbourne Park with a specially appliqued snowdrop altar cloth

 More lovely Hellebores above and Narcissus Pallidoflorus below
 And these are currently my favourite, Gallanthus South Hayes
 From Colesbourne Park, we went to Rodmarton Manor, a short distance away on the Cirencester-Tetbury Road.
 And the first thing we spotted was a mass of grass like leaves with yellow and black iris type flowers poking through. Later on we saw Simon Biddulph in the garden and asked him what it was, he told us, but by the time we got back, had forgotten the name of it, although remembered it began with an 'h'. In those situations, I have a book bought when I went to a GQT recording in Havant, it's favourite plants recommended by the panel, called Plant Chooser, and it was in there! It's Hermodactylus tuberosus

 Above one of my favourite parts of the garden called the 'troughery', so many lovely different troughs beautifully planted. In the orchard there were some wonderful groups of named snowdrops around the trees.
 That was the end of Day 1 looking at snowdrops, a bit of a marathon, but well worth it. Day 2 involved just one visit.

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