Friday, 19 February 2016

Snowdrops Part 2

Cotswold Farm was open last Monday, but isn't open until June 4/5 now for the NGS. I'd never been there before and was impressed with the woodland area containing clumps of named snowdrops and then a fabulous garden on a slope behind the house.

 There were some amazing clumps of named snowdrops in a bed including the delightful G.hippolyta seen below

 Above is a photo of the superb bed with lots of varieties of snowdrops, hard to appreciate how good it was from the photo.
Walking down through the garden, there was a topiary garden:
and then a bog garden right down in the valley
 with a stream running through it

 and lovely small buildings which add something to a garden

 The back part of the house beside the garden had what must be one of the oldest patio doors onto a garden!
This is the first part of the garden you walk into beside the house photographed on the way our because there was a coach party in the garden when we arrived making it hard to get any idea of the garden. If you can visit in June, this garden is a little known gem, well maybe not, but I hadn't visited it before.

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