Saturday, 20 February 2016

Yesterday's Committee Meeting

We take turns to hold committee meetings in each others houses, and yesterday it was Vanetta's turn to host the meeting. The day was perfect, and not at all conducive to being inside discussing postcard competitions and how to get maximum publicity for our September event.
Here's the view from the front of the house, you can see what I mean about a perfect day, just look at the sky:
 After the meeting was over, we took a committee photograph since we've recently been joined by Susan Carr and Mark Worrall. They weren't happy because no one had had chance to look their best, so when you see the photo, please bear that in mind. We also wanted to be holding the SOS banner, but that wasn't possible because I've got it in my garage.
I wandered round the garden taking photos of the beautifully clean stream
 and fabulously tall Cedar
 and of course, more snowdrops.

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