Monday, 21 March 2016

Launch of the Festival of Literature Brochure

Last Thursday at 12 noon saw the launch of the Festival of Literature brochure by organiser Matt Holland in the courtyard at the Central Library. There was a chill in the air, but sitting in the sun, it was delightfully warm.
Matt has been very good to us in previous years, always placing an advertisement for Swindon Open Studios in the brochure. This year however he agreed to have an artist's painting on the front of the brochure, so images from about 25 artists were submitted to him. You can see behind Matt's head the painting of a woman in red by Tim Carroll which appears on the cover of the brochure, his was the winning entry. Not only has Matt used Tim's image on the front, but we have a page of runner's up inside as well as the usual advert for SOS. I'll show photos of the launch and then get to the arty bits.
 Above you can see Matt introducing things, then below, Jane Milner-Barry who thanked Matt for the collaboration with open studios and talked about other things going on this year.
 Below Tony Hillier resplendent in a red bow tie spoke in verse
 and then we were charmed and transported by Richard Durrant's playing. I've got tickets to hear him on Monday 9 May at 8pm.
 There were lots of people at the launch, but they don't always want to be photographed, so I tried a discrete shot, seen below.
 From the courtyard, we went to the unveiling of the Butterfly Wall made by Toni and Gordon Dickinson with the help of masses of people using the library. In the middle you can see Gordon with the green sheeting over the wall.
 Below the wall revealed
 And some of the butterflies have writing on them. The effect is lovely; Roger Ogle Tweeted some lovely videos of it, you can see one if you click on the link.
 Here's the front cover of the brochure:
and inside there are paintings by David Morse:
 Below David Robinson's people on a train
And Jane Milner-Barry's painting of Richard Jefferies' bedroom:
The advertisement for SOS uses one of Rachel Pryor's pieces, Trinity:
If you haven't yet got your brochure, they are available at the Central Library, the Wyvern Theatre, Arts Centre and lots of other places. Book as soon as possible for whatever you want to see, tickets are selling fast.

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