Sunday, 20 March 2016

Repairing the Damage made by the Scaffolding Crew

Anyone who has walked up and down Victoria Hill in the last couple of years will notice that attempts have been made to improve the bed beside Mr Cod fish and chip restaurant, the dentists and BBC Wiltshire . As a member of the Pipers Area Residents Association, PaRa, I have been involved along mainly with Jane Milner-Barry, in converting it from a ropey shrubbery into a pleasant flower bed where one may enjoy sitting on the nearby benches. It was a shock therefore to discover recently that scaffolding had been put up on the adjacent building and the scaffolders trampled and compacted the bed.
Marie Lennon, who has a show on BBC Wiltshire kindly interviewed me on the radio, and appealed for help in reinstating the bed to its former glory; and had offers of plants and compost. Jane and I met with Marie last Sunday to attempt to loosen up the soil, remove plastic and rubbish and plant a few cowslips.
 Above here's the 'before' photograph, and below Jane on the left and Marie on the right trying to dig over the ground.
 here's another photo of Jane
 And here's the bed afterwards, looking considerably better.
We will be meeting up regularly to improve the bed, and will be working on the other beds as part of our grand spring clean up on May 15th 2-4pm

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