Monday, 18 April 2016

Hanging Prints of the 100 Views in the Great Western Hospital Corridor

GWH has a policy to try and get lots of art on the walls of the hospital, Chaplain Steve Henderson, is in charge of this, and is particularly keen to get local artists to put their work up in the corridor which is situated very near the entrance and gets a lot of passing 'traffic'.
When I looked up a link so if people like the look of the wall, they can contact Steve, David Bent's work is featured on the site.
Anyway here are a few photos of the wall, and Tim Carroll putting up the exhibition on the highly secure hanging system.

 Above a print of the Town Gardens Bandstand and below High Street from the Lawns
, looking as if it isn't straight:
 And here's Richard Jefferies' house at Coate

 More rod fixing, and below the finished product, from one way
 and the other

 The exhibition will remain up there until the beginning of June. Prints are £25 each.
 If you click on the link above, you can find out how to exhibit there.


  1. Just by coincidence I was in the hospital today and saw the work. Congratulations Tim, I wish you all the best.