Thursday, 7 April 2016

Photos of Evenley Wood

Last Sunday I went to my first Rare Plant Fair of 2016. If you like gardening and gardens, they are fabulous; they are held in lovely gardens and so there's always lots to see of interest in the gardens and the nurseries selling plants know their stuff and sell the most wonderful plants.
I took a few photos of Evenley Wood garden which is about an hour's drive from Swindon.
 The weather was glorious which helps when taking photos, there were masses of clumps of different varieties of  Narcissi in the woods, which as you can see below looked fantastic around the trees.

 The footpaths of Scilla were so beautiful winding their way through the woods.
 The Magnolias were just coming out
 And this is what I bought:
This Sunday there's a fair at Quenington, almost on the doorstep.

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