Monday, 18 April 2016

Quenington Rare Plant Fair

This really isn't much to do with the excitement of having 50 artists and groups taking part in SOS 2016, but I'd like to put some photos of the plant fair on the blog. The plant fairs take place during the summer, so have a look at their website, and try and get to one nearby, if you like plants of course! My excuse, if one were needed is that I'm opening my garden on June 19th.
Despite the fact it was rather a dull day, masses of people turned up:
 I tried a photo from across the river through the tree, but you can see the dullness of the day.
 There are masses of bulbs flowering in a wooded area:
 and there are quite a few rather nice seating areas in the garden, and a swimming pool, there's also a lovely vegetable patch and fruit cages
This is what I bought:
 and these are the highlights of my purchases:
 Above Ranunculus Gramiens, and below Primula Hall Barn Blue

 Above Tiarella Spring Symphony, and below a gorgeous Epimedium that wouldn't stop blowing in the wind, it's Amber Queen, I've planted it right by the back door.
 Below a Ligularia Sibirica which if it flowers will be magnificent but I'm not sure I can give it anywhere wet enough.
 Here's Persicaria Red Dragon looking fab
 Another real favourite is this yellow anenome, Anenome lipsiensis
 Lovely aren't they? Now it's a matter of siting them correctly.

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