Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Postcard Lottery

Artists locally, and further afield have been asked to produce a piece of artwork on paper or card measuring 7'x5' which will then be framed and hung on the Arts Centre landing for the duration of the Swindon Festival of Literature . People attending the events will be invited by Matt Holland to buy a lottery ticket, and then tickets will be taken out of a hat and winners of the pictures notified.
Proceeds from the lottery will go to Prospect Hospice and we will advertise the Swindon Open Studios weekends in September.
Here are the postcards received so far:
 Above the first to arrive, a stunning watercolour by Alex Coppock-Bunce
 Next came Molly Gratland's lovely cat on silk
 and then Stevie Gilmore came along to First Monday of the Month at the Beehive and gave me the owl at night.
 Then yesterday morning, Eileen Cooper's postcard, fresh from her studio at the Keeper's House at the Royal Academy came causing great excitement.
And then by hand, yesterday afternoon Lisa Lane's vase of flowers plopped on the mat.
These are a lovely start, I'm hoping to receive lots more postcards in the next few days. Closing date for postcards is 17 April, why not have a go at making one?

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