Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wonderful Things about Swindon Open Studios

As we near the closing date for entries, it gets very exciting, with up to 8 people per day joining at the moment. Some are people who've taken part before, and it's great to see the work they've been doing since last September to prepare for this year's SOS, others are new to SOS and people I  know, and have been hoping would join. Then there are the complete newcomers to SOS who I don't know, and it's of course important to make them welcome and help them have a good time taking part.
In addition to the woffle, a blog piece needs images, so here are some taken randomly from images people have sent me.
This arrived today, Sarah Church's 'The Swimmer' watercolour on paper
 Above Caroline Day's 'February Bouquet', and below Deb Battaglia's 'Red Hollyhocks'

 Above Sharon Rich's 'Ancaster Knot' set in her beautiful garden next to Farmer Gow's in Fernham, just beyond Longcot, and below Lynette Thomas's 'White Horse' one of the ceramic pieces being shown at the Beehive for SOS.
And hot from the email, this photo from Anna Stowe arrived half an hour ago:
 And I was very pleased to hear Andrew Tucker is again opening this year showing his beautiful wooden pieces of furniture and objects.
If you haven't yet joined, and you'd like to, please email the above address, or go to the website and download the form and send it to me with your fee.


  1. Replies
    1. I know, fab work by Sarah Church who has not taken part in SOS before. Looking forward to seeing her other work.

  2. And Lynette's mosaic. #obvs But all lovely work.

    1. I know, am blown away by the participants this year. Wonderful response to open studios, and amazing artists taking part.