Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Allotment Flowers

Sometimes I'm overcome on the allotment by the beauty of what's growing there. Having got all my potatoes finally planted last weekend, and quite a few seeds sown, there was nothing to photograph of what I'd been doing, but there were some fabulous flowers. All accidentally growing where they are.
Firstly the cowslips which arrived in some garden compost brought to the allotment when I was moving house. They originated from some I dug up from the bottom of next door's garden when I lived in Hyde Road, thirty years ago. They love the soil on the allotment and have been transplanted into my present garden and the Mr Cod garden this year.
 Next a redcurrant bush completely laden with flowers, this is self seeded, and growing very vigorously.
 And below some wallflowers which I sowed in the allotment and never managed to transplant before the winter took hold.

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