Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Annual Dawn Chorus Event at the Lawns

The Swindon Festival of Literature starts at 5.30am with the Dawn Chorus, an event where we don't listen to birds, but watch people frolicking around, balancing on each other, juggling with fire and without. There's also more sedate, but rousing singing and reading poetry.There are always bacon butties and homemade cakes from Matthew Pearce of Coffee Gang
I love the way the inkiness of the blue sky changes in these photos as it gets light. This first one shows a blackbird singing loudly at 5.15am
Traditionally the bagpipes herald the start of proceedings at 5.30am, this sends a shiver down the spine, and you're glad you came.
The mixture of fire and twirling a hoop around worked really well.

Here's Matt introducing the Dawn Chorus and organising the flow of the morning. I think he was relieved it didn't rain, and we looked hard to see if there would be any pink sunny bits in the clouds, but there wasn't much.

I've included these two photos because it's lovely to catch the juggling batons mid air

I only seem to have one photo of Jake the Juggler, here he is walking on a wire, he's wonderfully entertaining, and a real star of the show for me.
On the way home I spotted these flowers at the base of a huge tree, I was told at the time what they were, but have forgotten. Any ideas anyone? Never seen them before. Star of Bethlehem? Might be
The Star of Bethlehem were growing at the base of this tree which is almost human looking with its amazing knobbles. For more on the festival look at

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