Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Original Art Lottery Draw

It seems as though we've been organising the lottery for ages, and now it's all over. The list of winners is on the SOS website and we're in the process of hand delivering those we can do, and posting the rest. I've took a few photos of the postcards before they were taken down:

and a photo of my signage to encourage people to join in:
It certainly worked because we sold over 400 tickets and took £700!! Profits will go to Prospect, and I hope we can organise one of those hand over events for the cheque.
I didn't take any photos of the draw which was started by Cristina Odone, and continued by Vanetta Joffe. We then had the task of dismantling the boards and unscrewing the pictures from them, and sorting out where the winners lived, or how to contact them.
Here we are part way through the process:
 I was thrilled to discover Maggie Brunger had one the Eileen Cooper RA original. She's a big fan of Eileen's work and loves the current exhibition by Eileen Cooper, 'Hide and Seek' at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
So it all turned out wonderfully, thank you very much to Matt Holland organiser of the Swindon Festival of Literature for encouraging and supporting this lottery, the Arts Centre for hosting the display, especially Dave Jell for being so accommodating and helpful, Terry Humphries and Susan Carr for taking the artworks away and screwing them onto boards, and of course the artists who so kindly donated their work.

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