Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Touring Round 8 Exhibitions on the 175 Art Trail

Caroline Day put together a lovely route around the Old Town part of the Art Trail, including securing afternoon tea served as lunch at 12 noon at the Marriott Hotel with a discount if we showed our brochures. Here's a copy of the poster advertising the group tour:
It was a lovely idea, and worked really well, because there was a timetable which we tried to adhere to, people were able to join us for some or all of the tour.
I will certainly be visiting the Marriott again, what a gem, here's the lunch, beautifully displayed as you can see:
 Ken and Jan White were opposite me at the table, perfectly situated for a photo:
And here's the lunch group, including Maggie Brunger who can't walk far having had a foot operation, but borrowed a motorised wheelchair and came along in that
 On the walls around the Marriott were a selection of Ken's work, beautifully presented and hung, there were a mixture of linocuts and original artworks, many inspired by his time at the GWR works.

Fortified by lunch, we were ready to walk the short distance to David Bent's studio in Marlborough Lane where he showed us the originals of the 'Movement 2000', an impressive series of paintings created in response to the crisis in the Balkans
 Sections of the work are being displayed at Swindon Dance, Regent Circus, SN1 1QF, in support of Swindon 175 and Refugee Week.
 The painting below is not part of Movement 2000, but caught my attention
 Here's one of the Movement 2000 paintings
 people looking at them
 with David giving an explanation of himself and his paintings
 and below here's the inside view of a fascinating maquette designed to show how the whole of the Movement 2000 paintings could be displayed together. If you look at the photo above, it's beside David.
From the lovely warm welcome at the Bent Studios, we walked to the Co-op where Tim Carroll's fabulous 100 Views of Swindon are displayed together on the long wall beside the cafe:
 From there we went to The Core where Bev Greig has an exhibition of The Plaum's Pit series of paintings, in response to the seasonal changes in the lake at Cheney Manor.
 Below here's Bev being photographed in front of her paintings

 and a couple more of her paintings, they've been cropped and now look too small
 General photos of people chatting

from there we went to Swindon Museum and Art Gallery they have an exhibition showing 'Swindon in 175 Images'
from there we went to the Community Centre @ Christ Church where Dona Bradley and David Robinson had coloured in some of their pictures from Colouring-In Swindon:
Above the Town Gardens Bandstand coloured in by Dona
Below Maggie looking at one of the pictures in the exhibition space

Above 'Fleming Way, coloured in and drawn by David Robinson
.From Christ Church, we went to look at Caroline Day's exhibition at The Hop Inn. As well as Town Gardens images, Caroline was also showing a number of pictures designed exclusively for English Heritage. Below seen with Deb Battaglia and a selection of her cards
From there we went to our last visit, in the Beehive
where Susan Carr and Terry Humphries have a fabulous exhibition of en plein air paintings of the Town Gardens and other views of Swindon:
There are two walls of paintings, but as you can see, I only took a photograph of one wall, and no close ups; those venues at the beginning of the tour were more enthusiastically photographed. By the time we go tot the Beehive, we'd been on the trail for over 4 hours!
It was a brilliant idea to do a tour round the venues, thank you Caroline, and of course a big thank you to David Robinson and mark Worrall who came up with the idea in the first place.
I'm keen to look at the rest of the exhibitions soon.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Caroline Day's Opening Night at The Hop

Having put up her exhibition in The Hop Inn for the Made in Swindon Art Trail, part of the Swindon 175 celebrations, Caroline invited people to join her for a drink and look at the exhibition.
The Hop is a lovely pub, perfectly suited to Caroline's prints which looked very much at home on the walls.
 Here's Caroline in a very sparkly dress:
 And sitting in front of some of her pictures which sadly can't be seen!!
 Lovely Old Town gardens bandstand prints

 Carole Bent bought this Hydrangea print while I was there, the red spot was made with lipstick
 It's not easy to see these prints, but I wanted to advertise the fact there had been an opening night
 although as you can see, I imbibed rather too much of the Freedom lager before taking photos
You really will need to go and have a look at these pictures, the one above, of the bandstand is my favourite, but can't really be seen. Pop in to the Hop Inn, it's a lovely place.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Walking the Old Town Art Trail this Saturday

I'm really looking forward to what promises to be a great event this Saturday, starting at 12 noon at the Marriott where we'll see Ken White's exhibition, and where we can have a snacky lunch or a big meal in there with a 17.5% reduction on their normal price. Alternatively of course you can bring sandwiches, or eat in one of the other places we're visiting.
From the Marriott, we visit David Bent's fabulous studio in Marlborough Lane, and from there walk to the Co-op where we might want to eat lunch since we will reach there by 1.30-2pm.
All timings are approximate, but it should be possible to pick up some of the art trail, or even arrive at the Beehive for 4pm!!

Join us on a tour of 8
Old Town Art Exhibitions
Saturday 11 June
 Part of the Swindon 175 Art Trail.

12.00 – 1.00pm        Ken White.  Swindon Marriott Hotel.
Special 17.5% Discounted Lunch*
1.00 – 1.30pm           David Bent Studio *Exclusive Studio visit 11 June 1 – 1.30pm only.
1.30 – 2.00pm           Tim Carroll. 
The Midcounties Co-operative.
2.00 – 2.30pm           Beverley Greig.  The Core Swindon.
2.30 – 3.00pm           Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
3.00 – 3.30pm           Dona B. Drawings. Community Centre at Christ Church
3.30 – 4.00pm           Caroline Day.  The Hop Inn.
4.00pm onwards     Susan Carr, Terry Humphries. 
The Beehive

View ALL 16 Swindon Art Trail venues on
Exhibitions continue until 3 July 2016

Here's a copy of the lovely poster advertising the event, too small to read here, but you have the timings

Putting Up the 100 Views Exhibition in the Co-op

Tim Carroll is displaying 84 of his 100 Views of Swindon series of paintings in the Old Town Co-op in Newport Street as part of the Made in Swindon Art Trail, as part of the 175 celebrations
These flyers are available all over the town, details on the website of all 16 venues.
Exhibitions are now in place all over town, I took some photos of Tim putting up his exhibition on the wonderfully large wall beside the Co-op cafe:
 Half way through putting them up
 And a bit further on
 Details of how to buy any of the original works or prints appear on a poster
 A few of my favourites:
 the Town Hall, and below Avenue Road with Frank Zappa
 Lydiard House

 and then a few random photos of blocks of them:

As part of the Old Town Trail this Saturday, 11th June, we're visiting 8 venues, details of the trail in the next blog article.

More Plants for the Old Town Open Gardens Day on Sunday 19 June

With the Old Town Open Gardens day rapidly approaching, I am buying too many plants probably, but having advertised myself as a plantaholic, I need lots of plants.

The last nearby Rare Plant Fair at Kingston Bagpuize  was a wonderful affair with lots of stall holders present, it was set in the lovely grounds of the House. I took photos of the grounds because they were looking so stunning.
In the field where cars are parked there's a beautiful huge Magnolia

 then a very red Horse Chestnut
 here's the beautiful house
 Unsure what this bush is called
 The Wisteria foaming over the terrace
 and here again on the terrace
 I'm not sure what this newly planted small shrub was, but it was delightful
 as was this
 and finally these two together looked lovely
I'd recommend a trip to Kingston Bagpuize House and a Rare Plant Fair.