Tuesday, 7 June 2016

More Plants for the Old Town Open Gardens Day on Sunday 19 June

With the Old Town Open Gardens day rapidly approaching, I am buying too many plants probably, but having advertised myself as a plantaholic, I need lots of plants.

The last nearby Rare Plant Fair at Kingston Bagpuize  was a wonderful affair with lots of stall holders present, it was set in the lovely grounds of the House. I took photos of the grounds because they were looking so stunning.
In the field where cars are parked there's a beautiful huge Magnolia

 then a very red Horse Chestnut
 here's the beautiful house
 Unsure what this bush is called
 The Wisteria foaming over the terrace
 and here again on the terrace
 I'm not sure what this newly planted small shrub was, but it was delightful
 as was this
 and finally these two together looked lovely
I'd recommend a trip to Kingston Bagpuize House and a Rare Plant Fair.

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