Saturday, 16 July 2016

175 Art Trail at Artsite and the Library

I realise I'm 2 weeks late with these photos, the hugely successful Art Trail finished at the beginning of July, I didn't get round all of it, but loved the Artsite - Who do we think we are?- Postcards of Swindon exhibition and Juliet Wood's exhibition,  Brunel's People 2 in the Courtyard Gallery at the Central Library
Starting with Artsite, this enamel picture of the canal caught my eye immediately, unfortunately there's a bit of reflection bouncing off it in the photo, but you can see how beautiful it is. I bought it immediately!!
 This is what Phyllida Richards wrote about the piece:
 This piece below is by Martin King who said on his card: ' To me Swindon has always had a strong sense of community, it has always tried hard to support its youth and encourage its children, even in times of 'austerity'.
 This piece is by Sam Silverton, but don't have her postcard details.
 I liked these watercolours but can't read the card.
 Below is Tim Carroll's beautifully rendered painting of Theatre Square

 Above some lovely pictures by Sally Taylor who says on her postcard: 'I live in the centre of town and can walk to my studio, meet friends and visit the Museum and Art Gallery. Swindon is like a village, and 'the paths I walk lead me home' ''
There were also things in the window which I photographed:
 And free postcards:
 Paula Sullivan painted this and wrote about the canal at Kingshill
 Pauls says 'Memories of Kingshill Canal- This was hidden away but has recently been restored to life. I have walked back home many times and seen the boats on the water, changing colours of trees and foliage. Families, walkers, dog walkers, runners, cyclists all enjoying themselves.
Onto the Central Library's Courtyard Gallery where these Juliet Wood paintings particularly caught my eye:
  Love this, it's 'Stepping Out'
And this called 'Preparations'

Below is 'Creeping like Snail unwillingly to School' !
 Below 'The Feed'

 and 'Filling Fries'
 And this is what the exhibition looked like in the corridor:


  1. I liked that enamel picture too! I also LOVE the 'applause' stencil. And much more besides.

  2. Yes it was a lovely exhibition, the enamel picture as you say is fabulous. I love the medium, and Phyllida uses it so well.