Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bryan' Ground - Garden and Arboretum

Bryan's Ground was featured in the June 2016 edition of the RHS magazine, The Garden, so I was keen to have a look round its 3 acres of intimate garden rooms and 5 acres of arboretum. We visited in the afternoon, I was wearing sandals, and it rained all afternoon, so some of the finer features, like the hideaway viewing platform by the lake, has not been photographed.
Bryan's Ground  has been gardened since 1913, and like many old gardens has a beautiful greenhouse stocked with specimen Pelargoniums, Aeoniums and Echeveria
Here's another view
Around the greenhouse is a vegetable garden with raised beds
I've taken a couple of photos of the vistas seen through the topiary towers
And here's another view
The house has a veranda along one side, almost visible in the photo below
We didn't have tea at Bryan's Ground, although it was on offer, we thought we'd visit the nearby Cloister Garden, open for the NGS that afternoon and have tea there. In total Karen and Malcolm have 6 acres of land, some they are planting as woodland, these two lambs, sheltering from the rain, were at the top of this area
Walking down towards the precipitous garden around the house, we came across this beautiful honeysuckle
and here's a view of the ravine part of the garden with a stream running through it.
I would recommend a visit to this fascinating work in progress, they offer visits by arrangement until September.

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