Saturday, 16 July 2016

Welsh Marches Garden Tour -The Four Alls and Dorothy Clive Garden

In late June, I embarked on the fourth garden tour with a couple of gardens in our sights, the Dorothy Clive Garden, featured in the Travel section of the Guardian a couple of weeks previously in their Top 10 Secret Gardens article. The second garden, Bryan's Ground was featured in the June edition of The Garden magazine, formed the basis of the tour. Previous triggers for a trip have been  Wightwick Manor, Great Dixter and Charleston.
Having voted in the referendum, we set off for a pub called The Four Alls at Woodseaves within walking distance of Market Drayton. It was in a great spot not far from the Tyrley Locks on the Shropshire Union Canal. The Four Alls depicted on the sign are: The King: 'I rule all' The Priest 'I pray for all', The Knight 'I fight for all' and the Peasant 'I pay for all'.
 On the first evening, we set off for Tyrley Wharf, the honeysuckle smelt fantastic on the way to the canal
 Once down at the Wharf, there are some very pleasant cottages, several locks and amazing skies

 Turning right when we got to the canal, and armed with an OS map, it looked as though we could walk for a short distance and then leave the canal by a bridge, this wasn't possible because the canal had been dug out and the bridges were far to high up to reach. When we finally got off the canal path, the water looked a long way down:
 The next day we visited the Dorothy Clive Garden, it's a lovely garden with helpful maps provided, a well situated cafe with views over the surrounding countryside. It was a shame we didn't visit when the rhododendrons and azaleas were flowering, we were slightly in between flowerings.
 Although the foxgloves, alliums and roses were looking good.
 The new greenhouse was very much in its infancy with some unusual choices of plants, like marigolds in there. The woodland area was lovely, here's a brown spotted butterfly seen there.
 And the waterfall was rather lovely
From there we drove to look round Wollerton Old Hall Garden.

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