Sunday, 24 July 2016

Westonbury Mill Water Gardens

On the final day of the garden tour, it could be that after three days of fabulous gardens, on the fourth day it could be that it would be hard to take the same interest as on the first day, but Westonbury Mill Water Gardens is absolutely stunningly beautiful and entertaining.
Richard Pim has been developing this beautiful garden for the last 17 years, and he was in evidence when we visited, digging over a border, adding compost and replanting it.
The three and a half acres unfolds gradually, there are several follies, The Water Tower is one of the first things the visitor sees:
then there's a bog garden with the most beautiful irises:
 More irises, we were lucky that our visit coincided with the irises flowering

 Another folly is The Dome made from 5000 wine bottles, beautifully constructed, it looks like stained glass when inside
I think this photo gives an idea of the colours inside The Dome
 Below is The Summer House which has an Africna feel but is made from elm and reedmace
 Here's an example of one of the large clumps of flowers, Ligularia,  with the fabulous Gunnera behind
 Here's a close up of the Gunnera leaves:
As we neared 12 noon, a crowd gathered around a half timbered building, we went to have a look and discovered people were waiting for the cuckoo to appear on the hour from the Giant Cuckoo Clock, the largest water powered cuckoo clock in the world. It is very amusing when it comes out and makes its cuckoo sound, and fascinating to see the mechanism, it was a bit overcast when the cuckoo came out!
 Here's the view from the viewing platform in the cuckoo clock
 Glorious candelabra Primula were also at peak flowering
 Westonbury Mill Gardens is absolutely lovely, there's also a lovely cafe and superb perennial plant sales, with plants on sale from the gardens. I bought a white Persicaria seen in the High Line planting from the nursery.
And by the last afternoon, Hergest Croft Gardens in Kington, where we spent our final night, was a bit of a stretch. Here's a photograph of Pelargoniums in the greenhouse:

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