Friday, 22 July 2016

Whimble Gardens & Nursery

The next stage of the garden holiday involved a move to the south from Staffordshire, we stayed at Knighton, which turned out to be the lovely Castle Inn in Knucklas, The original aim was to stay at Ludlow, but as it turned out the gardens we wanted to visit were nearer to Knucklas.
The first of those was Whimble Gardens & Nursery at Kinnerton, near Presteigne which exceeded all expectations, it has everything, coffee and cake, a plant sales area, very carefully thought out garden rooms with beautifully thought out combinations of plants. There were so many good ideas and lovely arrangements, there's also a large meadow area, wildlife ponds and a viewing platform, with views of the Radnorshire Hills. The map of the place lists 20 different features.
I took more photos at this garden than any other one, I'll try and edit them to get the essence of the place.
 The entrance garden has seating areas and lots of beautifully arranged pots and planters
 and a small pool:
 Below there were some white Dierama seen, and I regret to say, not bought from Mucklestone Niursery, they are beautiful
 Another example of a planter
 An Auricula theatre:

 A couple of photos of the Lavender garden
 Below you can just see the Swallow House
 And here are the Radnorshire Hills behind the wild parts
 Both meadows can be seen here with the wooden archway in the hedge separating them
 And here's a close up of the lovely wooden arch:
 This is looking into Church
 Below the Woodpecker Garden
 The metal backed arbour in the Lavender garden
 The Parterre Garden was a riot of colour with fabulous plant combinations
 And two more of the Parterre garden

 There were lots of visitors that Sunday, I'd certainly visit often if I lived nearby. Sunday lunch in nearby Presteigne proved to be a complete non starter! Sandwiches from the Spar was the only food available!!

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