Monday, 18 July 2016

Wollerton Old Hall Garden

There has been a garden at Wollerton Old Hall Garden since medieval times, but little of this existed when John and Lesley Jenkins arrived in 1983, there are photos in the book that accompanies the garden showing lawn and a few scrubby trees back then. Now the garden is delightful with many different design features throughout the garden, with linearity an important one. The formal part of the garden was developed on a simple principle of 3 vistas running north-south and 3 east-west, these still exist, with a few visual obstructions to add the element of surprise.
This is the view you see as you arrive, the house reminded me of Great Dixter, in part because there are an impressive array of pots around the front entrance. 
It's an RHS partner garden in the West Midlands and it has a top 2 star grading in the Good Garden Guide, and if you click on the link, you can see Chris Beardshaw, Chris Packham and Sir Roy Strong have very complimentary things to say about it.
I should have recognised the different areas and photographed them, but I spent most of the time enjoying the garden.

I think this photo below is taken from the Lanhydrock Garden looking towards the gazebo
Below you can see one of the paths.
And this is the well in the Well Garden
with lovely roses to one side of the well
and some lovely metal garden furniture

Here's Lyn immersed in the Main Perennial Border
Below is the Font Garden with a monastic feel, hence the lack of colour. The four box balls came from Northumberland in 1997, each one took 5 men to lift it.
I liked this view of the house below
And this was plant of the week: Cardiocrinum giganteum, the largest of any species of lily plants, it grows to 3.5 metres high.
There's a lovely tea room, and some very well grown plants for sale. A fabulous place to visit.
That evening we walked from The Four Alls into Market Drayton via a track beside the pub, and then tried to find the Shropshire Union Canal to walk back. Despite having a map, it was difficult to find the canal from the centre of town. It took so long to find that it was 10pm by the time we got back, there was a lovely sunset though:

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