Monday, 18 July 2016

Woodseaves Garden Plants

On the way to the Four Alls Inn, we'd driven past a sign for a plant nursery, and before leaving for Trentham Gardens, I was keen to have a look at Woodseaves Garden Plants to see what plants they had for sale. A garden tour is as much about buying plants as looking at gardens as far as I'm concerned, so
Talk about exceeding expectations, there's not only a fabulous selection of plants to buy, but also a wonderful 2 acre garden as well. Jean Hayward who looks after both the garden and nursery showed us round explaining particular features as we marveled at the magnificence of it all.
 Above a Geranium climbing through a rose bush, and below contrasting colours of Sambucus nigra and fabulous greens

 Below photos of lavender
 Plants in the nursery
 more of the nursery
 the rose garden

 Two photos of the lovely aqueduct carrying a miniature railway
 Willow has been used in the garden to create barriers as can be seen below
 If you're anywhere near Woodseaves, near Market Drayton, TF9 2AS it's well worth a visit, it's open daily except Weds and Thursdays.

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