Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Walk Around the Old Town Art Trail Part 1

On Tuesday at 7pm, we gathered on a very warm, Mediterranean style evening at the Marriott Hotel to look around the artworks placed in businesses in Old Town. At this time of year, it gets dark by 8.30pm, you will see in the photos that it begins to get dark, certainly by the time I photographed Lizzie Kendal outside Blaylocks.
Here are some of the party assembled at the Marriott:
 Benoit Philippe is displaying work at the Marriott in a window to the right of the front door, here he is with his 2 paintings, one of the diving board at Coate water, and the other a still life. Benoit will be exhibiting from Venue 16, the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate. Please click on the link for more details.
 From the Marriott, it was a brisk walk to Gilberts, on the corner of Newport St and Marlborough Road, where we saw the work of Niki Harrison who will be opening at Venue 27 in Eastleaze with her husband Mike:
 Also in the window is a landscape by Olivia Frost who will be exhibiting along with 6 other artists at the Central Library:
Almost next door is Appliance World where we saw Naomi Cantillon's work; Naomi will be exhibiting from her studio in Oakhurst, Venue 24:
 From there we went to the Co-op where we saw the cafe walls adorned with Bev Greigs paintings:

 There's a huge difference to the feel of the cafe with art on the walls.
From there we walked to the Royal Oak which has been transformed into a luscious venue, here we found Susie Campbell's large paintings on the walls.
 Susie is at Venue 44 down Mill Lane
 From the Royal Oak, we walked to The Croft Gallery where we looked at Emily May's paintings, and noticed she's Artist of the Week on the gallery's website!
Emily May will be exhibiting her work at Eastcott Studios, Venue 3.

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  1. It was great to meet other artists who are taking part in the Swindon Open Studios and go around Old Town to see the art on display... and the weather was with us.