Monday, 8 August 2016

Invitations to Individual Open Studios part 1

I love receiving artists' invitations to open studios, they're so personal to the artist and therefore I find them very interesting. I've now collected a few, so I'll show you with the ones I've had so far:
The " face " belongs to one of Dave Bent's Aerobots - a series constructed of photographic sections of aircraft ( family featured in SOS  brochure / also by leading futurologist Ray Kurzweils AI News in 2010 ) 
This week, he will deliver an art print and graphic ( supporting SOS ) to Richard Deacon for his shop window, as part of the Art Trail advertising SOS.
Dave and his wife Carole decided to frame " Jet Age Tribute " to link in with Dave's prints currently on sale at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery. 

Next we have Caroline Day's invitation:

And Rosie Leather who is one of several artists exhibiting at Eastcott Studios

 Olivia Frost is exhibiting at the Central Library:

Tim Carroll's invitation, in addition to ceramic mermaids, you will see his 100 Views Of Swindon and other figurative paintings, and my garden

Here's Nadine Gould's invitation using the image featured in Wiltshire Life:

Alex Coppock-Bunce has photographed her invitation in virtual darkness!! We'll sort out a better copy soon.

Additionally, Lisa Lane who will be at The Willows on Prospect Hill has just sent me a link to her new website:

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