Saturday, 13 August 2016

Invitations to SOS part 2

Well it really feels like party time, more invitations coming in all the time!
Vanetta Joffe and Rachel Pryor are sharing Venue 7, the fabulous Liddington Manor, they have a two sided invitation:

 Also there's a lovely invitation from Dona Bradley who will be exhibiting in the Central Library:
And Teresa Davey who will be exhibiting with Alex Coppock-Bunce in Avenue Road on Saturday 10 September, so make a note that they're only open on that date
 Naomi Cantillon has sent this invitation:

And Bee Operanto is opening her studio just down the road from Deb Battaglia in Kingsdown Park.
And Every Cloud Arts and Crafts, just along the road and round the corner from Beb Battaglia and Bee Operanto in Stanton Park:
And this is the other side of their invitation:
There will be an invitations part 3 I'm sure.

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