Sunday, 28 August 2016

Jacquie Primrose's Garden Mosaics

As soon as I saw a photograph of Jacquie's mosaics, depicting irises, I wanted to go and have a look at them. I made an appointment to see Jacquie, and not having a sat nav, used Google maps to find a route there. Our Swindon maps showed Guernsey Farmhouse in the middle of fields which it used to be until an estate was built around the original farmhouse, although not so close as it might have been if newts hadn't been in the area. They have to have green corridors to survive, so there are green spaces around the old farmhouse.
It's very easy to find Guernsey Farmhouse, I went through Gorse hill, turned left by Groundwell and then drove past the Orbital Centre and took the next left and just went on and on until I reached Guernsey Lane and the farmhouse.
Jacquie's work is as vibrant as it appears in photographs, very covetable.
Here are my photos:
 They speak for themselves, and look fabulous around the lovely garden
 I like the fact they have their own hanging system.
 A close up

 And there are so many different designs which fit into the garden setting
 And here is Jacquie in her studio, with lots of work in progress in front of her
 The Crocosmias were flowering when I went round at the end of July, they looked so lovely with these colours
 And here's the iris mosaic used in the brochure.
 You can see some of these in Kablooms in Devizes Road, but it's worth going to see everything at Jacquie's house, Venue 30.
Here's her invitation:
Note: Jacquie isn't open on the first Saturday, and I mis-spelt her name and email address in the brochure.

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